Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Back Seat Girl appears to have a cold. She started to show symptoms of congestion today. She has a nice, rattly cough, and although her nose isn't running, you can tell she's a bit congested. I took her in to the Dr this morning, and her ears and lungs are clear. She does have a sore on the back of her throat I'm supposed to be watching. Yea, you try to get her to open up her mouth and stick her tongue out long enough to see back there with a flashlight. I caught a bit of a glimpse once tonight, that's all. Oh, and she's still running a bit of a fever. Of course, the girl is still eating. You gotta' love her. She's a fighter.

Driver is at his sleep study. He gave me a call and said so far all is OK. His room is like a dorm room, and it's got a TV and a fan in it. He brought his book along, so he's hoping to have no problems falling asleep. Of course, there's still the pesky fact that's he's gotta' wear shorts to bed.

Driver thinks I need to post a picture with every entry, but I'm just too lazy to go look for a cute picture on the internet to illustrate every point. Maybe he needs to post more. Besides, I like the picture of the burnt pancake. Can that really be outdone?

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