Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I know this is a family blog and all, but...

Driver calls Lancewith2 tonight to ask a few questions about the clipless pedals for his bike that came in the mail today.

Driver: "Hey, I got my pedals in today"

Driver walks in the living room, I can no longer hear him.

Driver begins walking back into the kitchen (he paces when he talks on the phone).

Driver: "...and where do you unscrew it?"

Lancewith2: inaudible, sounds sorta like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

Driver: "Do you unscrew it with that bolt by the crank shaft there?"

Driver begins walking back into the living room; more talk about screwing and unscrewing.

Sidenote: Driver was the last person to turn on the TV before I came into the living room to post. I had to turn the station from Star Trek: The Next Generation so I could watch the Twins game.

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