Thursday, July 13, 2006

At least I know she listens

Yesterday afternoon Back Seat Girl and I were in the kitchen. It was about 3:00, and she was ready for a snack. She requested "apples and pea-nut bu-tta". I started cutting up an apple, and Back Seat Girl came into the middle of the room, looked up at me, and said:

"You have to eat the appols too, Little Girl."

I turned around to look at her and she had her trademark grin on.

"Not just pea-nut bu-tta."

"That's right", I said, and handed her the bowl.

She proceeded to suck the peanut butter off of the apple slices like she always does, and I realized that I really am a broken record.

1 comment:

dama said...

She did the same to me. She loves her peanut butta.
At least you know she hears you, she just ignores you when you tell her what she doesn't want to hear.
She's officially a toddler!