Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trivia, Trivia, Trivia

Recently I jumped onto a little known trivia fact regarding the most developed state in the union. Well I finely found a source for this claim. It's from a university so you know it's true. You know, all those PhD's and what not. I must admit... Despite my strong conservative values the use of state money in Iowa(R) vs Minnesota(D) and the great public transport system of the East Coast(R) cause me considerable doubt.

Back to the trivia.
As stated in one of the most addictive pod casts, Matt's Today In History, wear did Alan Shepard die?
Hint, it has to do with the Lone Cyprus.

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How about Floyd Landis! Why isn't there more press on this? Also, he's a Mennonite. Yeah, I know, that's practically Ahmish.


Shotgun said...

It's Amish, Driver. Amish. I'm surprised your world-saving, brilliant spell check didn't catch that one.

Shotgun said...

Also, I just went to that link about Iowa, and I'm wondering if they shouldn't put a definition of what they mean by "wild". If they don't want to actually write a definition, how about a rough outline of what they mean.

Mam said...

So much of the trivia about Iowa is negative! Time for us to move?