Monday, July 17, 2006

A good quote and a sick Back Seat Girl

Yesterday Driver, Back Seat Girl, and I are sitting at the kitchen table. I made some corn cake thing and we were settling down for a little afternoon snack. We all eat in silence for a while, then Driver asks Back Seat Girl "Do you like it, Back Seat Girl?" To which she answered "It not bad". Deadpan. We weren't sure we heard her correctly, so we asked her again, and she once again said "It not bad".


If there's one thing I hate, it's having a sick kid, especially when there is no apparent reason for the illness. It's one thing if she's got a fever and a runny nose or she's throwing up or something. Then you know there is a reason for a fever. However, Back Seat Girl has had a fever now for 2 days and has no other symptoms. She's obviously sick. You can tell the moment the medicine wears off. She gets bags under her eyes, stops what she's doing, and starts to whine and asks to be picked up. When you pick her up she throws herself onto your shoulder and lays her head down. Poor girl. She hasn't been sleeping well, and she's worrying me. I just like to sit and ruminate about how many horrible things it could be. I'm taking her to the Dr. tomorrow morning, where I'm sure she'll show no symptoms and I'll just be looked at like I am freaking out for no reason and why am I bringing my perfectly healthy child in to see them (I had to wrangle an appt out of them, there wasn't any openings when I first called).


Stay tuned: Tomorrow night Driver is going for a sleep study. It requires him to do a few things which make him uncomfortable: for one, sleep in clothing. Also, it requires him to have electrodes attached to him. We've made quite a few jokes about it tonight. Do you think they'd let him go through with it if he shows up drunk? I had to fill out a questionaire as his "bed partner". I wanted to fill it out with real manly hand writing and sign my name as Bill. We also thought if would be fun to make up copies so he could have a bunch of "bed partners" fill them out. I will make him blog about it.

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