Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fire Explanation, Girly Lotion, M&Ms, etc.

First of all, don't tell Driver, but I used my green tea body butter on our little man's feet today because they are SO DRY and Baby Magic is doing nothing to help.

Second, Back Seat Girl is wearing the same "Feel & Learn" pull-up I put on her this morning because it is still dry! She has peed in the potty twice and not once in her diaper.

Third, I couldn't get our second hand double stroller seat to lay down this morning so I could lay Back Seat Boy down in it, so I had to walk to the park pushing BSG in the single stroller while carrying BSB in the sling. I don't think 20 year old Shotgun would have ever pictured that in her future.

Fourth, BSG was eating M&Ms after lunch today, and it turns out she does know her colors. I asked her to pick out certain colors and she got them all right. I think that makes M&Ms good for you, right? It means they're brain food.

Finally, I did set a small fire in the kitchen on Monday. Back Seat Boy and Girl were both sleeping, so I decided to make myself some hot chocolate while I cleaned up the kitchen. I turned the burner on for what I thought was the tea pot to boil some water, then left the room to go and do something else. When I walked back into the kitchen and past the stove, I thought to myself "gee, why is it so warm over there. I felt heat on my arm as I walked past." No, I didn't notice the fire when I walked in. I didn't earn the nickname "Captain Obvious" in college for nothing. So, I turned to look at the stove, and I had indeed turned on a burner. The burner with a towel on it. I calmly threw the towel in the sink, cleaned up the burn marks on the top of the stove, and opened up the sliding glass doors to get rid of the horrible stench. Then I took the smoke detector down because it started going off right outside BSG's room. This is not the first time I set fire to a towel in the kitchen.

BSG is going to get her hair cut this afternoon. I took some before shots this morning, so I'll post some before and afters when I get a chance tonight. I'm nervous again. Her hair is getting so long, but her bangs are out of control and there are about 7 different layers in the back. I know she needs a hair cut, I know, but it's always hard for me to see it go. It's odd, because I really have no problem chopping my hair. Maybe I'm already one of those parents living vicariously through their kids. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to filling out the application for the traveling figure skating team.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What, no one is going to ask about the fire?

This morning I had the pleasure of having a root canal. It really wasn't that bad, but it left me wondering something. Don't dentists go to the dentist to get work done? Do they like trying to have conversations with their mouth full of crap? Don't get me wrong, I love my dentist. He's a nice guy, he doesn't judge you if you haven't been to the dentist in a while because you have an unnatural fear of them, and he's got a sense of humor. Plus, he's good at explaining what is he's actually doing, and he admitted to me today that he's got 13 crowns in his mouth (he had to make me feel better after he showed me the X-ray of the finished root canal and it also showed 3 old fillings and one new cavity, even though there were only 4 or 5 teeth in the picture).

About three quarters of the way through the procedure the dentist paused and said "You're not feeling this at all, are you?"

Dentist: See, root canals have a bad rap. They really aren't all that bad.
Dentist: Tell all your friends.

Side note:
Driver was home with Back Seat Boy while I was having my "not all that bad" root canal (Back Seat Girl goes to daycare on Tuesdays), so he had to give BSB a bottle. I figured there's no way a 2 week old baby would eat more than 3 ounces, so that's what I left out for him. BSB ended up drinking 5 ounces, 5 OUNCES in one sitting. What a piglet!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Equal opportunity picture day

Because I posted a picture of Back Seat Girl earlier, here is a picture of Back Seat Boy. I took it a couple of minutes ago. How cute is he? Back Seat Girl and I gave him a bath tonight, so his hair is out of control.

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First day home alone...

and except for the small fire I may have set, things are going pretty smoothly. Oh, and Back Seat Boy decided to start crying while I was reading Back Seat Girl books before her nap. Even though I managed to put her down in record time, when I went into the living room BSB had cried himself to sleep already. Though I felt pretty guilty about it, he is still sleeping and it's almost two hours later, so I guess he'll make it!

As an added bonus, here is a picture of Back Seat Girl in her new Dora jammies, with a classic look of 2 year old defiance on her face.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Then the heavens opened, and angels sang

As someone who likes beer, but has had to give it up for the past 9 months, seeing this sign meer blocks from my house made me very, very happy.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bath Time

Here is a bath video of little Oliver.

He did just fine.

Also, today back seat girl asked if my penis was a chicken.

Halloween Finaly

At long last, some Halloween pics. We had a good time trick or treating. Alsion found her new love, “little pieces of candy”. But without further ado, here are the pictures.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back Seat Boy

Here are some pictures of the latest addition to our family.

Oliver weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces, and 19.3 inches long. Check out that hair! Back seat girl is adapting very well to her new baby brother. She has already volunteered to take care of him in several ways. Mamma is doing very well. So well in fact, we all went for a little outing to the park.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Here is a sample video from Driver of the latest addition to our family. More pictures and details will be coming later tonight. Stay tuned.