Friday, July 07, 2006

And my Official Due Date is...

November 9th. 10 days after my original due date. The first ultrasound I had at my very first appt and what was supposed to be my 20 week ultrasound agreed exactly. So, probably no Halloween baby. Just me, waddling around with Alison, trick or treating. I guess this year would be the perfect year for me to go as a pumpkin. I'll just have to dress in orange and wear a green hat.

Men, beware: I use the words ovaries and ovulation in the next paragraph.
So, my Dr (who is 29 weeks pregnant) and I were talking about my due date, and she asked me what I thought was a very strange question. She asked me if I thought I just ovulated later that month. Um, I guess you'd have to ask my ovaries that question. They didn't tell me. I'm not one of those women who can "tell". And besides, shouldn't she be the one with the explanation? I guess it's pretty obvious that must have been what happened, or I would be due Oct. 31st. Of course, it's hard to carry on a conversation with Back Seat Girl in the room. She was talking so much it prompted my Dr to start looking back in my chart and ask me how old she was. She also commented on her [chubby arm] rolls. I think that's funny, because everyone who knew Back Seat Girl when she was a wee baby knows her rolls now have absolutely no comparison to her rolls back then, when it was an actual chore to wash inbetween all of them.

Funny aside: The nurse was taking my blood pressure and all of that and when she was leaving told Back Seat Girl she was going to go and get her some stickers. Time passed, and the next person into the room was my Dr. Back Seat Girl just started saying quietly "stickers". Of course the Dr had no idea stickers were promised, but she assured her that there would be stickers when we were all done. After my appt was all finished, the Dr leaves the room. Once again Back Seat Girl looks at me and starts saying quietly "stickers". At this point I'm starting to get nervous that there really won't be any stickers and I'm going to have to explain it to her. Mercifully, the nurse came back with a whole basket of stickers for Back Seat Girl to choose from. Crisis averted.


Mam said...

How cute is she! She knows that a promise is a promise. Back Seat Girl knew she was suppposed to arrive on a certain date and time and did. Wonder if her new brother will be as considerate. Poor little guy, he already has so much to live up to!

Driver said...

ewwww! ovulation.

I'll have to start thinking of halloween costumes. Maybe Back Seat Baby is Cinderella and you are the pumpkin carraige.
Mercury--Mars--Jupiter cosutmes

oh the possibilities

Shotgun said...

I'm sure Driver doesn't mean to compare me to Jupiter, the LARGEST planet.

Shotgun said...

Oh, and Driver can be Uranus.