Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Driver!!

Tomorrow is our anniversary, but since we will be camping and have no access to the internet, I'll give him a little shout-out today.

I may make fun of Driver for watching Star Trek, not being able to talk to girls, and tending to be, well, a little on the geeky side. The truth is, however, those are all things I love about him. I, too, have been known to enjoy Star Trek from time to time, be kind of a geek, and while I believe my flirting skills are pretty mad, I never have to worry about Driver cheating on me. It's kind of endearing.

He's given me a pretty nice life here in the past 6 years. We've had lots of fun together and managed to change and learn from each other, too. We've also decided to take the plunge and change our lives by having children, and that's shown me even more of Driver's character. He's a GREAT father. Through him and how he treats me, Back Seat Girl has an example of what she should expect from any man she chooses to date or even have as a friend, and our little boy bean couldn't have a better example of how to grow up to be a wonderful man.

All this is a long, mushy way to say: I love you, Driver! You make me so happy, and I couldn't imagine being married to anyone else (probably because no one else would put up with me!).


Driver said...

wow! that was very sweet.

I love you too.

Mama Wonder said...

Congrats you crazy kids! From the day on the curb when you started dating through today, it has been wonderful to watch your relationship grow! Thanks for letting us be part of the journey!

Dama said...

Wow, shotgun, I didn't know you had it in you. Thanks for making driver a part of our lives too. Can't have too many sons.