Monday, October 30, 2006

This is what happens when you've lived in Richfield your whole life

even if you are only 2 years old.

This afternoon after work/daycare, Back Seat Girl and I went outside to play a game of hide and seek (which included her laying down on the sidewalk on her stomach and counting, for reasons unknown to me). After finding me behind the tree she was running around yelling "I found you, I found you!" when suddenly she looked over my head and stopped in her tracks. "What's that?", she asked, obviously completely puzzled. I looked up, and there was an airplane. However, it was pretty far up in the sky. Not so far that it was a speck with a vapor trail, but far enough up where you could still see the vapor trail and kind of make out the plane. Not how we're used to seeing them. You know, where you can tell which airline it is and how many passengers are on board. (OK, it may not be that bad.)

That could be the end of my story, but since this blog was created to let grandparents in on all of the cute things BSG says/does, I'll continue with the conversation we had after the plane disappeared from our view.

BSG: "I want to get in it!"
Me: "I think it's too high."
BSG: "I get in it after it comes down."
Me: "OK"
BSG: "Where did it go?"
Me: "I think it's too far away for us to see anymore."
BSG: "Maybe it's in the garage. I go look in the garage for it."
Me: "Can I come with you?"
BSG: "You have to push the buttons." (the code for the garage)

I followed her down the hill through the backyard to the garage and opened the door for her.

BSG: (peering inside) "It not in here."
Me: (relieved)
BSG: (going around the other side of the car) "It not over here, either."
Me: "Nope."
BSG: "Maybe we not high enough to see it."
Me: (?!!?!)
BSG: "You have to climb on my back and look for it."
Me: "You want mommy to get on your back and look for the plane?"
BSG: "Yea"
Me: (behind her with my hands on her shoulders so I can 'get on her back') "I don't see it. Do you want to get on mommy's back and see if you can find it?"
BSG: "Yea"
Me: (lifts her up and realized I can no longer get her over my head onto my shoulders, so I just hold her in front of me and hope she doesn't notice) "Do you see it?"
BSG: "We have to look in the alley."
Me: (walking to alley) "Do you see it now?"
BSG: "No" "Look, birdies flying up there!!"
Me: (guess we're done looking for the plane)

In a couple of days I'll have pictures posted of Halloween and our jack-o'-lanterns which have been eaten by squirrels and are unrecognizable now. Have I mentioned before that I really do not like squirrels? Because I really. do. not. At all.


Mam said...

I wonder if she wants to fly domesticly or internationally?

The Godmother said...

Haha, funny!
Can't wait to see pics of Halloween. I hate squirrels, too. Mostly because Bowey loves them so much.