Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An indication on how potty training is going

Today as we were walking back to the car after a stop at the park on the way home from the grocery store, Back Seat Girl announced she needed her diaper changed. I informed her she would have to wait until we got home for mommy to change her. As I was trying to put her in her car seat, she arched up her back so she wouldn't have to sit on the turd and said, "no, poopy!".
ME: That's why some people poop in the potty.
BSG: No, that's why some people change my diaper.


The Godmother said...

No she did not really say that!
It's time to use the big girl potty.
But for what's it worth, I don't like to sit on my turds either.

The Wonders said...

You can't argue with her logic...

You are simply a pawn in her game!

Shotgun said...

Oh, yes, that is what she said. I was actually taken a little aback, too. And sadly, I am becoming more and more aware of how much of a pawn in her game I really am.

Mam said...

Oh boy, maybe it's time to Take Charge (if you can!). She's got your number!