Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It's cold here today. There are white flakes falling from the sky. Not that they are sticking or anything, but that just proves how cold it really is.

I had a Dr's appt this afternoon, and mercifully my pea coat still manages to button. I searched out Back Seat Girl's hat, and told her I would look for her mittens, too. I couldn't find them (she refused to wear them last year, so I really have no idea where they are now), but no worries, because BSG found one of my ankle socks on the steps and put it on. And called it a mitten. And wore it to my Dr's office. Only one, though, because when I told her I couldn't find her real mittens, she looked at the sock on her hand and announced,"This is the only mitten I have!". That made me feel like a good parent. My daughter has to wear a sock on her hand because we don't have mittens. And it can only be one sock because we don't even have a pair of socks for her.

Doctor update: The baby has dropped a bit, and I am a finger dilated. A few jokes about labor flashbacks were made, none of which I thought were the least bit funny. Still should be a few weeks, though, so no one get too excited. Although we are so finishing his room this weekend.


Gramma said...

Hey kiddo, remember that you have to cork it until Nov. 3. Do you want me to send a pair of mittens for BSG? I can just see her with her sock. She probably thought it was great and won't want to wear mittens, just hand socks.

Mama Wonder said...

Do you need a mitten drop?

The Godmother said...

Mam came to the rescue and alerted me to pick up some mittens on my drive up this weekend. Got Ali 3 pairs and she liked the pink ones the best - matched her coat and boots!