Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Internet Goodies

A friend sent me this link and, it is, in a wordÂ… awesome. Check out yacht rock and see the dark side of smooth rock. You have to start at the first episode and work your way through. I've only seen 1-5 and I canÂ’t wait to see the other 5. Any concept that has Kenny Loggins as a trouble protagonist struggling with his identity and Hall and Oats as his nemesis canÂ’t be bad.

Check out this video of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. It made me laugh out loud.

Shotgun has commented on the fact that my latest postings expose my nerdy tendencies. So far this post hasn't done anything to change that opinion. Although, in college I told her that I liked Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Wars. She should have known then what was to come. Back then she was probably just blinded by my rugged handsomeness and witty sense of humor. Who could blame her? In order to combat this geeky trend, here are a few pictures that only cool people will like.

In other cool guy news. Right now Minneapolis is a great place to be sports fan (just forget about the Vikes). Twins are ready to kick some AL/MLB butt in the playoffs, Wild are starting their season, and the T-Wolves season tickets have arrived.

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Driver said...

Like Shotgun Said,
"It's not a typo, you're just an idiot!"

Perhaps I should concentrate a little more on proof reading. Naah

Seriously, check out yacht rock.