Monday, October 23, 2006

Does Prince Use NetFlix?

No, he does not. But Silas, how can you make such a grand statement regarding the purple one? You see, I live in Minneapolis and we don’t have many celebrities here. But when we get one, you’re gonna know it. Bob Dylan is from here, but I don’t think he lives here anymore. Josh Hartnet is seen around town quite a bit, and when there’s a movie being filmed, the stars are tracked like tagged grizzly bears. And then there’s Prince. He live here and spends quite a bit of time around his home in the Southwest Suburbs. I’ve seen him driving a purple prowler around and everyone seems to have a story of a rock show where he just played with some obscure band in the back of a club. But what does all this have to do with his purpleness’s choice in DVD rental options?

We were at Ma and Pa Wonder’s house this weekend along with someone who works at a video store in the southwest metro. Turns out that Prince regularly come in after the store is closed to rent some movies. Very interesting, I would have expected Prince to dispatch some minions to do his video renting but, it seems that’s not the case. He and a few choice minions showed up at around midnight and rented, “something foreign”. Now what does one wear for a mignight video run? Sweats? old jeans? something comfortable? Nope, Prince wore a gold suit with high heals. The man is a rockstar through and through.

You know me
I know the video store clerk, he knows prince,
prince worked with Kevin Smith to film a documentary ( I have the MP3 file about it and it is hilarious, any advice on how to post it would be helpful)
Kevin Smith, unfortunately worked with Ben Affleck in Dogma
Affleck to Jon Voight in Pearl Harbor
Voight to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible
Cruise to Bacon in A Few Good Men

Now you too know are Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon. Wait a second… fine… I guess it’s seven degrees but it’s still interesting.

Update: Fixed
Kevin Smith==>Matt Damon(Dogma)===>Tom Hanks(Saving Private Ryan)===>Kevin Bacon(Apollo 13)

That should be Six Degrees.

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Did you do this at work? Do you have too much time on your hands?