Monday, October 02, 2006

Out of the blue

Back Seat Girl to Driver while playing in the basement last night:

"What are you doing buddy? Huh? Huh? You want a piece of me?"

Yea, I'm pretty sure she watched "Nemo" at the Wonder's house Saturday night. (It's a Dory quote) To clarify, she didn't actually say it TO Driver as much as she kind of said it while playing and talking to herself, though Driver said he was kind of invading her personal space.

Oh, and how can I not post something about this?

Can you believe it, Twins win the central division!! Plus, just to put the cherry on top, Joe Mauer gets the American League batting title. How awesome is that? Now hopefully our pitching can hold up in the postseason. Santana can't do it ALL himself.


Mam said...

She is too cute. I think she probably shouldn't be exposed to anything other PG movies, radio, conversation, etc. 'cause she sure doesn't miss a trick.

Mama Wonder said...

Ok, so we did watch part of Nemo, but then he had to go to sleep (aka-the DVD stopped working which was not easy to explain to BSG because she kept asking “Where’s Nemo?”). We watched because it seemed to make Daddy leaving a little easier and we ate nutritious snacks while we watched it.

Shotgun said...

No worries, Mama Wonder. Movie watching is fine with me. It's just funny she chose that quote to repeat. I DO appreciate the nutritious snacks, though. Usually when Boy Wonder is here we just give him spoonfulls of sugar until you come to get him.