Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From the mouth of babes

Back Seat Girl has had a few good quotes lately. Here are the ones I remember:

We were driving home from her daycare yesterday. She looked up at the roof of the car and said :
"It sure is clean up there"
me: "yep, it is"
BSG: "Exactly"

We arrived at home, and BSG decided we had to take turns to walk to the door. So, she went to the path that leads from our driveway to the basement door and said,"Stay right here. It not your turn." I thought that meant I could follow her, so when she started walking I started after her. She quickly turned around. "No, no, no. You stay right here (pushing me back). It not your turn." So, after I got off the path and back onto the driveway, she started walking again. She kept turning around to make sure I was not following her. When she got to the door she turned around and said, "OK, it your turn now!".

I decided that I didn't want to carry all of my stuff up the stairs, so I told BSG we were going to walk up the hill and go to the front door. After a thoughtful pause, she replied,
"That sounds like a great idea!", and took off up the hill.

Also, her new word lately is 'cool'. As in ,"BSG, we're having fish and rice for supper tonight." BSG: "Oh, cool". She says it all the time, and in the correct context.


The Godmother said...

Make sure that she starts talking about me alot and that way when I see you all in 2 days she can continue to talk about me and I'll feel really special.

Gramma said...

She learned cool last weekend. I used it alot. She also knows she's a Pook.