Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boots & Squirrels

I bought Back Seat Girl snow boots on Monday from Land's End. I was excited to find a pair of decent boots in her size. I didn't know how they'd go over with her, but she loves them. In fact, she wore them to the mall with Driver and I last night, and when we had to take him to work this morning, she insisted on wearing them again. It worked out all right, because we ended up going to buy her a winter coat, too, so it made the matching thing much easier.

She also proved to have a lot of foresight, too, because when we left this morning it was sunny. When we came back from taking Driver to work and buying a new coat this is what the table (that is still out on our deck) looked like:
How you know there are too many squirrels in your neighborhood: You look out the window as you're pulling down the shades in your daughter's room so she can take a nap, and see a squirrel eating a bag of peanuts in your backyard. This is almost as bad as the time this summer when we were all out in the backyard and a hotdog bun fell out of our oak tree.

Is shooting a BB gun illegal in the city?

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