Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'll trade you hot dish on a stick for a new window motor!

The station wagon family has big plans this weekend. Well, big plans for us, anyway. Driver took the day off tomorrow so we could go to the state fair. It's a tradition we started when Back Seat Girl was only 5 weeks old and we carted her around the fair as she slept ALL day, only waking to nurse a few times.

Anyone who's gone to the fair knows it has a way of sucking money out of your wallet. A corn dog here, Sweet Matha's cookies there, and before you know it you've spent a small fortune. Since we haven't really taken a long vacation this summer, we figured this was it, and we were totally prepared for the money sucking to happen at the fair. Then, Ringo decided to hit a glitch. Driver was on his way to work the other morning and he went to roll up the passenger window, and it stopped part-way up and started making some bad grinding noises. Later that day at home he reached through the window to get something, put some pressure on it, and it fell down into the door.

So, if anyone is wondering how much it costs to replace a window motor in a '99 VW Beetle, it's right around $350. That's a lot of corn dogs.

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