Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rug Training

Tonight Back Seat Girl was in rare form. We went to the beach after her nap and then out for pizza on the way home. She took a quick shower with Driver and was running around the house buck naked, chasing the cat around with a stick she had found outside. Driver had given up trying to get her in her jammies and went upstairs to put on some clothes. I was in her room and had managed to dry her off before she took off declaring "I gotta find kitty". She kept running into the kitchen or living room, and then running back to me in her room, and then back out again. I was laughing because who can keep a straight face with a chubby toddler running around the house with her hair dripping wet, shouting "I gotta' do this" and "I gotta' do that".

I was calling for her to come back into her room so we could put her jammies on, and she came streaking down the hallway into her room. She stopped right in front of me, stuck her face into my face, and shouted "I pooped on the rug!". I thought to myself "there is no way she was out there for long enough to actually poop on the rug". But, I figured something must have happened, to I asked her to show me. She was more than happy to oblige. She ran out into the living room and I followed her. "Where?" I asked. "Right there!" she said, pointing to a spot on the rug. A WET spot on the rug. She had peed on the rug. And she seemed proud. And, being the good mother I am, I thought it was funny. I, however, was mature enough not to laugh in front of her. I called for Driver from the bottom of the steps. He came downstairs, and before I could explain what happened, Back Seat Girl announced proudly (still naked as the day she was born) "I peed on the rug!".

Driver, being the good father, told Back Seat Girl she should pee on her potty if she had to pee. She took his advice and sat down on her potty all by herself. She kept announcing "here it comes!", but nothing really ever 'came'. She got a sticker for trying, though, and that is what counts.

Eventually, we did get her dressed and in her bed. It was a pretty hilarious night, though. (Because Driver cleaned up the pee.)


mama wonder said...

I laughed so hard reading this I cried.

Gama said...

I can just picture our little Pook naked as a jaybird. You'll have to get a lasso and take lessons. You just made my day.