Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stay tuned...

The "Big Girl Bed" has been purchased. Tomorrow night it will be put together and then we'll see how Back Seat Girl does. Today she didn't want to take a nap at first because I had already told her she was going to get a big girl bed tonight. So, when nap time rolled around she stood in the middle of her room and shook her head and said,"No, I not nap in the cib. Put the Big Giwl Bed wight hewe" (points to the floor with vigor). Also, she wanted bunk beds once we got there, so hopefully she's not too disappointed tomorrow when she realizes we did not, in fact, purchase her two beds to have in her room.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be a nice, warm fuzzy post about Back Seat Girl falling blissfully asleep in her Big Girl Bed and staying there. Oh, and we'll be sure to post pictures, too.

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Mam said...

She is going to look sooooo cute in her little bed. Hope she loves it!