Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Inappropriate conversation...unless you have it with a 2 year old

The scene: Our front yard. I am sitting on the step, Back Seat Girl is playing with a bucket full of water in just a T-shirt, Dora diaper, and sandals. (Hey, I'm happy she kept the T-shirt on.) She comes over to me and rubs her hand on my pants leg.

BSG: You all wet?
Me: Yep, it looks like it.
BSG: You gotta' take it off?
Me: (thinks she means the water) No, it's OK, momma's pants will dry.
BSG: (wipes her hands on my pants again, more wet spots appear) You gotta' take 'em off?
Me: (it's slowly dawning on me what she means) You want momma' to take her pants off?
BSG: Yea, they all wet.
Me: I don't think anyone wants momma' to take her pants off in the front yard.
BSG: (wipes water on my shirt) You gotta' take off yer shirt?
Me: No, honey, it's not OK for adults to run around in public naked. Only little girls and boys. Mommies and Daddies should keep their clothes on outside.
BSG: (running around the corner of the house still clad only in a T-shirt, pull-up, and sandals) I be right back. I gotta' go get somethin'!
Me: *glad we could have this little conversation on propriety*

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Driver said...

I think you should have that same talk with our neighbors. They seem to think every day is the state fair and shirts are optional. MMM fat sweaty gut hanging over your pants which are drooping just enough to make out the fruit of a loom logo. Classsy!