Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who cares whose birthday it is, there's a chocolate muffin!

Apparently, today is Lady's birthday. (Lady would be the beanie puppy laying on the table there.) When Back Seat Girl informed me of this, I told her we could have a little celebration after lunch. After she saw the special muffin with the lit candle on it, this conversation ensued:

BSG: There's something on there.
Me: (panicking as I see her putting her finger dangerously close to it) Yea, it's fire, don't touch it, it's hot!
BSG: Get it off.

So, I taught her how to blow it out, and she enjoyed her chocolate muffin. However, after she started eating it, she told me it was her birthday. After she got done telling me it was her birthday, she told me it was kitty's birthday, and kitty needed a cake, too. And then, she started singing "Happy Birthday to Mommy". The best part, though, was when I asked her how old she was. She gave me the right answer, and then tried her hardest to hold two fingers up like I was. It was so cute to watch her looking at her hand so intently trying to make it move in a way she isn't coordinated enough to do yet.

I wonder whose birthday it will be tomorrow? Posted by Picasa

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Gama said...

You've created a monster. It's going to be birthdays everyday until she gets something else in her head.
PS Gama doesn't want any extra birthdays.