Monday, August 14, 2006

Is it wrong I'm glad her door sticks?

We went to Iowa for about a day and a half this weekend to visit Mam and Pap. A good time was had by all, though I'm pretty sure that Back Seat Girl thinks that Iowa is actually Mam and Pap's house. Also, she's still in love with Pip. No, Mam, Pip can't come and live with us. I don't think Back Seat Girl is ready for the cycle of life that would need to be explained once Kahlua realized Pip was here.

This morning I woke up and didn't hear any noise from Back Seat Girl, so I got into the shower. Driver collected his coffee and left for work. I was standing in the bathroom after my shower and I could have sworn I heard a tiny, fat hand slap at a door, but it was hard to tell with the fan on. So, I opened the door into the hallway and stood very quietly for a few seconds. I couldn't hear anything, so I grabbed the monitor from the living room and switched it on. "Open the der, Mommy." (Don't ask me why, but suddenly she's developed a bit of an accent, so words like door and store are pronounced der and ster.) She didn't sound the least bit upset. So, I went to her room and opened her door, and there she was, running free in her room, liberated from the prison that was her crib. Now, she, Back Seat Girl, owner of a Big Girl Bed, could run free in her room. Only in her room, though, since we live in an old house, and her bedroom door doesn't open without a fight. OK, not a fight, really, but Back Seat Girl is definitely not strong enough to pull it open, even if she could get the knob to work. She didn't seem scared or anything, just happy to see me, like usual. I don't know how long she was up, but it couldn't have been too long considering she wasn't making any noise when I got into the shower, and all of her books were still on her book shelf and none of her dresser drawers were open and there weren't diapers scattered across her floor.

The good news is that when I went to put her down for her nap this afternoon, she stayed put and talked herself to sleep like normal. It's perfectly allright with me if Back Seat Girl decides to get out of her bed in the morning and read books in her room until one of us is ready to get her. Hopefully she just limits getting out of bed to morning time.

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Mam said...

She sure is a sweetie!!! Even if her door didn't stick I doubt that she'd be able to reach the knob and open the door. Guess you'll have to rely on the baby monitor again.