Friday, August 18, 2006

I may be raising a cow

This morning Back Seat Girl and I went to the park, even though it looked like it might rain, because we had been stuck inside all day yesterday and frankly, with Driver gone, I needed to keep my sanity. It didn't end up raining, and we had a great time. If the batteries in the camera weren't dead, there would be pictures to show for it. Sorry, Mam and Gama. I promise the next time we go I'll actually bring the camera AND make sure there are charged batteries in it.

Anyway, when we are at the park it drives me nuts when Back Seat Girl is playing happily, but then other kids show up and she stops dead in her tracks, no matter what she is doing, and watches them. I don't know why it bothers me so much. She is getting a little bit better, but I feel like I need to be prodding her to keep going, to stop just standing, to actually PLAY at the park---not watch while other kids play. I must say, today she was MUCH better. But I still wonder why she feels the need to watch other kids so much. She goes to daycare, granted a lot of times it's just one day a week, but it's not like she's never around other kids. It's gotten to the point in the past that when I see other moms and kids show up at a park we're at I feel like shouting at them to go away. I guess it could be my antisocial tendencies. Or the fact that sometimes other people's kids (with the exception of my friends' kids, I promise) drive me nuts. Who knows? Just a little rant.

So, the good part of this post is that when we came home I stopped on our long trek to the back door and decided to clip some basil to bring inside. Back Seat Girl pulled a few leaves off of one of the plants. She announced to me,"I eat the basil", and then...she actually did. She ate not one, but a couple of leaves. Just popped them right into her mouth and chewed them and swallowed them. It looks like her palate is more like mine every day, with her dislike of meat* and love of ice cream and basil.

*I'm not saying I dislike all meat, it's just that I really could go without it for a while and be fine. And sometimes chicken really wigs me out.

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Driver said...

we went to Ma and Pa Wonder's house for a little fire pit party this past weekend and back seat girl did the same thing. At Basil leaves right off the plant. She also discovered Mint. Just sat there and picked leaves of the plant in a pot on the front stoop.