Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick and cute

I had a Dr's appt this afternoon and Back Seat Girl came along. As the appt was winding down, Back Seat Girl reached over from her chair to touch the stethoscope and asked to hear puppy's heartbeat. The Dr. obliged, and checked puppy's heartbeat while she was sitting in Back Seat Girl's lap. After the Dr. left, I was packing up the daiper bag and Back Seat Girl slid off her chair and walked over to get a better view of the stethoscope. Then she asked to check puppy's baby's heartbeat. She told me that puppy had a baby in her back and we had to listen to his heartbeat. So, she put the stethoscope up to puppy's back, and declared puppy's baby to be OK. It was pretty cute. I don't know if she gets the fact that there really is a baby in my belly, even after hearing his heartbeat several times with me at the Dr's office, but at least I know she's absorbing something.

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