Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good Times

Despite starting to get sick there have been a few things that have made me happy in the last few days. Some are simple but all around they put me in a pretty good mood.

-Got an A on an accounting quiz that the 2 people next to me thought was real difficult
-Found a bag of Twizzlers Nibs orphaned at the bottom of a vending machine
-Parallel parked the beetle in the tiniest spot on campus on the first try
-Got picked by the boss to go on to a meeting. Even if it is just to go to Brookings, SD.
-Threw a big Oktoberfest Party and every one had a blast.
-My wife finally won at Fantasy Football.
-I found a new desk lamp for my cube with a 3M polarizing light filter (sadly at least one co-worker was a little envious)
-Last but not least, the Twins clinched a playoff spot.
-ESPN Mentioning a great Minneapolis Bar at the end of the article

This all may be because I took a time management class that allows me to have "Power, Freedom, and Peace of Mind". But, most likely it's because I'm a simple guy with simple needs.

Now here are some things that have pissed me off.
-That goose that stands in the parking lot at work and has no concept of his own mortality
-Grad school professors that don't know what the definition of "part time student" is
-Marketers that think numerous cell phone calls a day will speed up other people's approval of my documents
-I lost at fantasy football
-The sun is at just the right angle in the morning so it blinds me when I hit the cross-town commons. I've learned to focus and just "Use the Force"

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The Godmother said...

Way to go with school, Driver!
See you soon!