Monday, September 11, 2006

Turns out Back Seat Girl is much more ambitious than her parents

Tonight is Driver's first night back at class for this year, so it was just Back Seat Girl and I. While I was cleaning up after supper, she was sitting at the table "drawing". After she told me she drew Nemo, a kitty, mommy, daddy, and Alison (all of which looked remarkably similar), we had an entire discussion about how she is going to be president and a doctor when she grows up.

Before you all go thinking she is the smartest 2 year old in the world (though she may be close in my completely unbiased opinion), she has recently watched an episode of "Clifford" where all the kids talk about what they want to be when they grow up. Apparently she took to Jetta's idea about being president and a doctor since the job of being president only lasts 8 years at the most. Her other choices would have been an inner-galactic super hero, a karate instructor, a photographer, or a vetrinarian. As you can see, she chose the most ambitious careers mentioned in the show. I sure hope she gets good scholarships, because we're not paying for med school.


Mam said...

Mmmmmm...President McAghon. I like that. Dr. McAghon, that sounds good too. Find the money, she's worth it!

Grama said...

I think dr. is better than pres. I don't know why anyone would like that job. Let her pay for her own college. It worked for us. Just as I thought, if we would have paid for college you wouldn't have shared the wealth with us. Now you don't have to feed guilty about not sharing. Note name change. She's really getting good at pronunciation.