Friday, September 29, 2006

A Quick Update On The Tat

I went on a business trip a few months ago and got a tattoo. As tats go, I must say its pretty bad ass. You can see the whole story here.

Because of all the bandages, timing and what not; none of my colleagues on the trip knew what the tat was. After a week of rumors I sent out an e-mail with a picture of it to everyone. The tattoo has the name of my wife on it but I used my wicked photoshop skills to change the name to the product line we all work on “ATTEST” (pronounced with a long A).
Dude, talk about dedication, “that guy got the product name tattooed on his arm!” One of my coworkers put the photoshopped image as her desktop. Sweet!
Bonus: It’s been there for 3 months.

I just occurred to me that some of you might be thinking, “man, your work makes me sad”. But I think what you really mean is, “man your work looks awesome!” ‘cause you’re just jealous.

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Shotgun said...

I was going to write a comment about what a loser you are, but apparently we were made for each other. My work has warped me so much that when I saw the title and the word "tat" all I could think about was "turn around time" (a measure of how fast we get lab results out)and was wondering why you were posting about it.