Thursday, September 07, 2006

That Was Close

I mowed the lawn tonight. It’s something I do regularly and every time I do it I have the same problem. I get out to the garage and realize that I need to move the car in order to get the lawn mower out. A normal person goes in the house, gets the keys, and backs the car out. Well, not me, you see, I’m clever.

The beetle is stick so I just opened up the driver’s side door, released the brake and started to push it out. I had to think quick and shut the door before I got out of the garage because there wasn’t much clearence between the car and side of the garage. I did this while the car was rolling and ran over to the passenger side. Very quickly I found out that the passenger side door was locked. Crap!

I had to move swiftly, the car was gaining speed and almost to the neighbor’s garage door (see the illustration below). I ran around the back of the car and tried to stop it, anyone who’s ever tried this knows what a bad idea it is. Now, change to plan C. I ran back around to the driver’s side door, opened it up and yanked on the brake. Wow, crisis averted.

When the dust settled the rear bumper of the beetle was a mere two feet from the neighbor’s garage door. The moral of the story is this… drag your lazy ass into the house, get the dang keys and back the car up like a grown up.


Mam said...

You ran around the back of the car TO TRY TO STOP IT!!!!!!

Papa Wonder said...

In your defense, I can see myself thinking the same way.

Grama said...

You have your father's quick thinking (?) and brains (?).

Shotgun said...

Grama apologizes for inadvertantly ripping on Pap. She didn't notice it wasn't me who wrote that post.