Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Using Alvin for Evil

The station wagon was loaded up and returning from a Sunday afternoon barbeque hosted by Compensate and St. Pauly Girl. It was a Sunday and, as usual, Back Seat Baby’s sleep schedule was way out of whack. There was no normal noon nap so she was sleeping every time we got in the car. We pulled into the garage at 5:30 and she was out like a light. The little pumpkin needed her sleep. Shotgun was feeling a little mischievous and squirted some water on me to play the “look you peed in your pants” game. HaHa, Good times!
I was on my way inside and trying desperately to think of a way to get her back, and then it came to me. Right in front of me were two clay pots and a chipmunk hiding in a down spout. My MacGyver like mind went to work and I quickly devised a rudimentary trap and captured the chipmunk.

Shotgun was still sitting in the wagon listening to NPR and chilling out with Back Seat Baby. I walked up to her and placed the trapped chipmunk on her lap. Knowing that she couldn’t scream without waking up the baby made this even better. Shotgun was initially confused then freaked out when she heard the rodent scratching on the side of the pots. The only thing she was able to stammer out was, “it doesn’t have access to my leg, does it?”

I won that round.

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Shotgun said...

Everyone knows squirting water in someone's crotch and doing the "look, you peed your pants" thing is funny.