Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Four Leaf Clover in the Lab

Guess what? I bet you'll never guess. It has to do with Shotgun's work. You got nothing? OK, I'll tell you. There is a pathologist working where I work, and he's, well, he's HOT! I just about fell over when I met him for the first time on Monday. Men are kind of a rarity in the lab, and good-looking younger men? Let's just say that they are about as rare as four leaf clovers. So, although I had to work my a** off the last couple of days in a department where I haven't worked since before Back Seat Baby was born, I was able to meet Dr. I am dark and handsome and have just enough of an accent to be sexy and just ignore the fact that I have a wife and a new baby. Oh, and he smells good, too. Come on Ladies, comment!

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St. Pauly Girl said...

Is he a McDreamy or McSteamy? oh wait, that doesn't matter...
2 questions-
1. When do you work next?
2. do they allow visiters in the lab?

(btw..I am so happy I have made the blog, and I love my name!)