Thursday, June 29, 2006

How Cute

Shotgun has commented that some of my posts don't fit in so well on this "Family" blog. Well how is this for cuteness? For the reader or two that doesn't know us, these are not our kids. Rather, they belong to some other poor unfortunate soul. Just look at that TV.

Anyone done anything similar? Or has Driver or Shotgun been involved in something like this? I seem to remember having a good time playing in a bag of concrete mix.


Shotgun said...

First of all, who leaves a can of white paint out in the living room when they have two small children? They kind of deserved it. And no, I would never do anything like that. I was an angel, just ask my parents. Honestly, I don't remember doing anything like that, but we all know I don't remember highschool, either.

Dama said...

Shotgun has a very selective memory about high school. Somewhat like a man's. She seemed good at the time, but as time goes by I hear more and more stories and realize my little angel, wasn't.

Mam said...

Yes, Driver there was that cement mix episode. There is photo proof to show all interested parties. The bad part was that you and your sister (a.k.a. godmother) played in it, got cleaned up and told not to do it again and proceeded to head right out and do it again. Actually, it was pretty funny, no harm done except your winter (for North Carolina) clothing had do be cleaned.