Thursday, June 29, 2006

In which I brag about how smart my kid is

Tonight I'm on the phone with the godmother ironing out the details of this weekend when Back Seat Girl comes up to me and says:

"Go to the store and buy some applesauce"

And I look at her in amazement and reply:

"You want to go with momma and buy applesauce?"


I couldn't believe I heard her right. She's been asking for applesauce for the last couple of days but I don't have any, so I have to keep telling her that. Apparently she's sick of hearing it. But it gets better, because after she starts chanting "go bye-bye, go bye-bye", she says:

"Go to the grocery store and buy applesauce."

She knows what store to go to and actually realized that if I didn't have any the grocery store did, so we would have to go there and buy it. And then she had the words to say it.

I guess the next step will be when she starts asking for a pony. I already have an answer all ready: "Go ask your father."

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Mam said...

And when you say you don't have enough money to buy something she's just asked for she'll tell you to go to the bank/ATM and get some. Because she's noticed that that is where you go when YOU need more $$$'s to buy something! They catch on quick.