Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I upset The Driver

The Driver saw my post last night and he was upset. "This is supposed to be a family blog", he said. "Why is the profile all about you?" I told him that since we set it up in a hurry, I didn't have time to figure out how to put more users in and bla, bla...we might as well get this out in the open: I'm kind of computer illiterate. The Driver is very good with computers. I think he feels like I'm stepping into something that's "his area".

So, very soon you will see posts from The Driver, though I'm sure they won't be very frequent. I'll also try to get pictures up for all of you. And in less than a month we should know the sex of The Bean and have some good ultrasound pictures to put up. Then we can contemplate The Bean's new name. Not The Bean's REAL name--the one he/she will have when he/she comes out and joins the world, the one we'll call he/she while he's still swimming around in there enjoying life before the horrible tunnel into the bright lights and cold.

Back Seat Baby discovered worms tonight. We went outside after supper and a little walk, and I started obsessively compulsively pulling up crab grass (I could do it for a month in our lawn), and in the patch of dirt I uncovered we found 3 worms. At first she was all about touching them;she even held one for a bit. But then she realized they were kind of gross, so I had to hold it while she kissed and hugged it from a few inches away. The girl loves her backyard wildlife.

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Driver said...

mmmmm, worms