Monday, May 22, 2006

The Big Event!

Well, we've been talking about it for months now...and today we finally did. Back Seat Baby got bangs cut. So, here is the before shot. Now, usually she has pretties in her hair, but to get the full effect I took it this morning before I brushed her hair so you can all see how long her hair was.
Here she is at "Kid's Hair", in the big chair with the cape and everything. We're deciding where her bang line should be. This is where I started to get nervous.
Here she is actually getting her hair cut. She never whined or cried, but her facial expressions were hilarious. She looked very serious. When the lady started cutting her hair, she said "Whoa!" in that Back Seat Baby way. She also got her hair blow-dried, so it was very professional.
Posted by Picasa And here is the after shot. How cute is she? At first I was all sad I did it. She looks so much older! Especially if I put pretties in her hair and the sides get held back. But then I remembered how I had to get buggers out of it every morning and after naps when she has a cold, and how I'm constantly trying to keep food out of it, even if she has pretties in her hair. This will be much easier and more sanitary. But still, I'm a little sad.

I do have to tell you about the place we had it done. It was in Edina. There is a board with a list of services, and I swear I saw the words "color" and "extensions" on it. There was a little boy there, I didn't get a good look so I don't know how old he was, but I'm guessing too little to go to school. His mom was there with him, talking to his 'stylist' about shampoos and conditioners for her daughter's hair. She was a typical Edina stay-at-home mom. She had her nice capris on, her hair was all done and she had makeup on. I, on the other hand, had taken a shower, but that's pretty much where my primping stopped. Oh, I did put on sunscreen. Anyway, it was a little bizarre. Back Seat Baby didn't want to leave. I should'nt be surprised, she does love all things girly. I asked her if she wanted to get her eyebrows waxed next, and she said "yea".

So, that's it, one more step away from baby-dom and into becoming a little girl. Good thing I'm pregnant or I'd be weeping into my ice cream bowl right now.


Anonymous said...

Driver, how does it feel to still have less hair than backseat baby?

Mam said...

Ahhhhh, so sweet. It is amazing how it seems to have changed the shape of her face. Did you save a piece of her hair?

Driver said...

Ripped by anonymous. I don't even know if I should respond.
I thing Back Seat Baby had more hait than me since the day she was born. I've come to grips with that long ago.

Mam, the put a little piece of hair in a noce envelope for us. That whole thing is a little strange.

Shotgun said...

Driver, I am begging you to please re-read your posts and comments before posting them. Your typos are starting to drive me slightly batty. It may be the hormones, but whatever--even more reason not to make me angry.

Mam said...

Huh, is that Wally and The Beaver's Dad? You're way better looking than him, Driver!

Dama said...

She looks so much older. She's still perfect and I'm sure Mam will agree with me on that. Can't wait to see you all.

The Godmother said...

Those pics are so fantastic! I bet Ali will be a huge hit with the mens at daycare. What a heartbreaker. Definitely the showdog of the litter.