Friday, January 25, 2008

Reasons why my tummy hurts, by Back Seat Girl

"Because you are filled with curiosity, just like Bear" (Bear is a character in one of her books)

"Because your tummy thinks it's growing"

Also-I have a sickness. This sickness has to do with my obsession with children's shoes. It was manageable when I just had one kid, but now I have two, and it looks like Back Seat Boy will be walking in another month or two, so now I have two pairs of feet to outfit in shoes. Luckily, Vincent shoes is having a sale. If you know someone who has little feet who might need shoes go there now. Sizes are starting to run out in some styles. I will admit that I bought Back Seat Girl a pair that wasn't on sale, because I've been lusting after them for a long time and they are obviously never, NEVER going to go on sale. I'm also a little mad because the pair I bought her for Christmas are now 50% off and I bought them at full price. Ah, well, I got two pairs for Back Seat Boy that I'm hoping will last him through fall next year. I can hardly wait to see him cruising around in his new shoes. (He walked along the entire length of the couch today!!)

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Mam said...

I'm sure he'll wait till the end of February to walk. I'll be with him the last two weekends of the month so get those shoes ready.