Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A true Minnesota family

So far Back Seat Girl has proven that she is a true Minnesota girl. She loves camping, riding in the baby backpack, riding in the burley, canoeing, going for rides in Pap's boat, and even pretend fishing (hey, she doesn't know that holding a bobber with fishing line tied to it and nothing else isn't actually fishing). This past weekend, she has proven she even likes winter outdoor pursuits.

We went to Mam and Pap's condo on Lake Mille Lacs where she enjoyed walking on the frozen lake

Looking at Daddy through an ice heave,
Snowmobiling with mom, and ice fishing. I don't have any actual pictures of her in the ice house because we didn't bring the camera out there, but she stood there with her pink snow pants on over her sweatshirt holding an actual pole with actual bait on the end looking every bit the professional. She had fun until she got bored and declared "I all done fishing". Also, we found out that big girls DO NOT pee in buckets, they pee in the potty, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
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The Godmother said...

She is so cute! How's Oliver do? She looks like a pink ice princess. Well, as much of a Minnesota pink ice princess that one can be. I bet she'll pee in a bucket sooner or later. All the McAghon's are doing it!