Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas in quotes

The holiday season had us visiting our families. The kids and I were away from home for quite a while, but it was a great opportunity for them to bond with both sets of grandparents and aunt and uncles. It also gave Back Seat Girl more people to talk to. Here are some of the things she said that stand out in my mind.

On Christmas Eve day, Mam, the Godmother, BSG and I (Back Seat Boy came along in the Bjorn) went for a walk around their neighborhood in Iowa. Keep in mind that BSG thinks Mam and Pap’s house is Iowa. It was, for obvious reasons, a slow walk. We had plans to stop by the neighbor’s swingset on the way back. Someone mentioned this to BSG, who had been looking forward to it. She must have been getting tired, though, because after hearing us mention “the park”, she said in a whiny voice “No, I just want to go back to Iowa”.

After she received a tool set from Santa on Christmas morning (we were still at Mam and Pap’s), this conversation took place:

Me: Now you can help Daddy when he fixes the house.
BSG: No, now I can help Daddy when he fixes Iowa.
Then she promptly walked to the front door and began hammering.

We were going out to eat with my parents and brother. My dad was strapping BSG into her car seat when she showed how classy she can be.

BSG: Grampa, listen to me toot!
And then she followed through.

Another time she was sitting at the table eating lunch. She tooted, then announced:

“I tooted in my Dora underwear!!”

I used to think she was taking after me, but maybe she is more like her father then we all think!


Mam said...

She's just a sweet, careing, shareing kid.

Gramma said...

She's a class act all the way. With the tooting thing I really think she takes after her Grampa.