Monday, January 15, 2007

I am a loser

I received some great presents this Christmas. I got some nice utensils from Williams Sonoma and a Le Creuset dutch oven, which I have not used yet because I feel like it needs something REALLY special to break it in. Of course anyone that has been within one mile of me while I'm carrying my Coach wristlet has seen it, because it is, in a word, perfect. However, one night last week Driver and I used two of my presents and we had fun doing it. Here they are:

No, not the ladybug candle holder. The one on the left there is a food scale. The other is a food sealer. You know, those things that vacuum pack your food so it keeps for pretty much ever? Last week after Back Seat Girl went to bed, we set Back Seat Boy in his bouncy chair in the kitchen so he could witness first hand what incredible geeks his parents are. Not only did we seal food:

(Look, we even celebrated the first bag we did by numbering it.) I actually bought a few pounds of meat, and instead of just eyeballing it and freezing it in approximately 1 lb increments, I actually split it up and weighed it first so I knew each bag had exactly one pound of ground beef in it. And I smiled the whole time. And you know what else? You can reseal stuff so you don't feel like you need to use a whole huge bag of frozen french cut green beans if you don't want to.

Isn't that exciting. Those beans will be as fresh as the day I brought them home when I decide to make them a few months from now...and that makes me happy.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure you should also know that I made mini meatloaves the other night, and I know they were exactly a quarter pound each because I weighed them on my food scale before baking them. My loser-ness knows no bounds.
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