Monday, April 02, 2007


Back Seat Girl woke up singing this morning. Driver was still home so he went in to get her.

Driver: That was a nice song. What was it about?
BSG: It a song about not throwing up.
Driver: (??!?!?) Oh, it's very pretty. Can you sing it for me?
BSG: No, it a song just for me.

We were thinking of dropping our Station wagon themed names. They are just starting to sound corny to me, but maybe it's just me. I was thinking of either just going ahead and using our real names, or doing the O-Mac, A-mac thing. We already call Back Seat Boy O or O-Mac a lot of the time now. I guess we're just too lazy to have two kids with 3 syllable names or something. What do you, our 2-3 faithful readers, think? Any preferences on what we call ourselves?


Mam said...

I like the station wagon names, you can always use initials. We know who BSG and BSB are. But A-Mac and O-Mac are nice also. Whatever you are comfortable with. I'm a real big help, huh!!!

Mama Wonder said...

1 vote for whatever you want to do.

The Godmother said...

I dunno, I kinda like the station wagon names too. I say stick with that on the blog but I'm all for calling them A-Mac and O-Mac in person.