Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who issued us our adult cards?

Silas and I are in the living room. He's getting ready to put the plastic on the windows, because we're high class like that and have decided that a new TV is more important than replacing our 57 year old windows.

Right before Silas started the first window he realized that we never changed the screens to the storm windows this fall. He brought the storm windows up from the basement and I started cleaning them.

Si: "How did we forget to change the windows this year?"
Heather: "I don't know, but this is a perfect day to do it, don't you think?"
Si: (opens first window) "Yes, I'm opening the windows, I'm an idiot."
Heather: "Don't worry, I'm shaking lead paint chips all over the floor while I'm washing these."
Si: "Oh, we'll just get the kids in here to clean that up."
Si: (finishes that window, moves on to another one) "Oh, nice, this one isn't even locked. I wonder how long our front window has been open."
Heather: "Seriously, how did we manage to keep two kids alive this long?"

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Direction said...

Lol I love this. Makes me think of helping my grandparents change out the windows back in Michigan. I love your blog very real.