Friday, July 30, 2010

We Heart Science

Alison got a science kit for her birthday (Thanks, Schutters!!), and so far we've done quite a few experiments with it.

Two experiments have prompted some changes in our house which have warmed my heart beyond words. Well, besides my kids begging to do experiments, which is so awesome. We have a home-made barometer, which we made with a balloon, match, empty plastic bottle, and straw. We also have our beloved Looseys (caterpillars, long story), and another experiment involving a clay pot which Alison set up practically by herself.

While we were looking for places for our barometer (which totally works, by the way), we realized that the corner we keep the Looseys in would be perfect. Therefore Alison declared that corner of the playroom to be the the "science corner".

My life is now complete.

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