Monday, November 30, 2009

Blank Page

So, I've been sitting here staring at this blank computer screen for a while. I need to update this blog. I've got nothing. I could tell you about the time a few weeks ago when I drove down 66th street past a car that was pulled over, only to see it was Si and the kids. Then when he came home he informed me that my license was suspended.

I could list a bunch of funny things the kids have said lately. There is always plenty of those little pearls.

We had Thanksgiving here and our house managed to hold 8 people from Wednesday until Sunday. It was really fun. The kids are having a hard time adjusting to real life today.

I could choose any of these things, but apparently I'm having trouble adjusting to real life today, too. I can't hold a thought in my head for more than a few minutes. In fact, it has taken me 15 minutes to type these few paragraphs. So, perhaps I'll go to bed now and have something fresh and witty for you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

MAM Says: She's having trouble adjusting to normal life also. We miss you!