Friday, October 02, 2009

What we're dealing with

So, we have this boy, Oliver. Oliver is very cute, and he is very funny, and he can be very sweet. Most of the time when I'm laughing it's because of something Oliver said or did. However, Oliver is also very, VERY stubborn. Here are just a few examples:

I was working last weekend and Silas was getting the kids ready for church. They were all dressed except for one last step-Oliver needed his shoes on. He refused. He said he wanted to go to church in bare feet. Silas pulled out the bribe. "But Oliver, we have enough time to go get doughnuts if we leave now, and you need shoes at the grocery store." Most children would put on shoes for the love of doughnuts, but not Oliver. Oliver says he doesn't want doughnuts, and he still wants to go to church in bare feet.

Trying to get him to drink milk: Milk will give you strong bones and teeth! You'll grow into a big, strong boy if you drink milk!
"Me don't want my teeth to get bigger!"
"No, Oliver, they won't get bigger, they'll get strong."
"Me don't want my teeth to be stwong."
"Well, they'll fall out of your head if you don't drink milk and then how will you chew all of that yummy food you like?"
"Me don't want to chew."

Getting ready to go to daycare in the morning, Oliver refuses to put on pants (are you sensing a theme here?). Silas keeps repeating how much fun he always has at Jodi's playing with the other kids! and all the toys!
"Me don't want to go to Jodi's and have fun playing. Me want to stay hewe and be sad."

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MMA SAYS: Yep, he's 2 years old. 3 will be better.