Thursday, March 13, 2008

A picture essay

I have to admit I, like many other people who live in this state, have started having very dark thoughts about living in this state. I mean, last week Back Seat Girl went sledding and made snow angels. It's just the time of year that everyone hits the wall, I think. The wall being When Is Winter Going To Go Away? We all know it won't oficially be warm for a very long time, but days like today give me hope.

Driver took the plastic off the sliding glass door in the kitchen last night after the kids went to bed. The first time Back Seat Boy was crawling around the kitchen this morning he smacked his head on the glass. He just turned around and looked at my like "what the hell?" It was pretty funny.

And following are some pictures so you can see how each day has slowly gotten better. Except for the first picture. That picture is just so you can see the kind of girl I live with. The kind of girl who, when asked if she has a particular card in 'Go Fish' answers "I do not indeed".

Don't act like you've never cleaned up your room wearing a pink leotard and dance skirt. I was just happy she was actually cleaning her room like I asked.
Pictured above is our walk from yesterday. We also took a walk on Tuesday, which was much nicer what with the sun and all, but I didn't bring the camera that day. This day we were all pretty cold when we got home.

That is BSG waiting for a bird to fly onto her finger. When I told her I thought that it probably wouldn't happen seeing as how birds are afraid of humans, she replied "But Mary Poppins did it. She got a robin to land on her finger. Then she sang that song!" I stand corrected.

This is the best shot I got of BSB from that same day. He was on my back in the carrier, so I just held the camera up and hoped for the best.

This is today. We had our afternoon snack outside. Notice BSG in a skirt. She actually kept it on for at least 5 minutes before declaring she was freezing and going in to change. BSB does not understand the concept of looking at the camera.

That face. It kills me. I have to restrain myself from eating him a million times a day.

See-more sensible pants.
Also-BSB got to try out his new shoes outside. I held his hands and he walked around on the cement and the wet grass. He must pay attention to us, too, because after we got inside the first thing he did after I set him down on the rug by the door was hold up his feet for me to take his shoes off.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, you forgot to mention those lovely sparkly shoes that complete the room cleaning outfit! They are both sooooo adorable.