Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is the year she realizes how far north we really live

Back Seat Girl announced she was "Sick of being cold" after she walked out to the car to go to daycare this morning.

On our way home this afternoon she started naming off all of the things she could do when it is summer again:
"Wear tank tops!"
"Wear shorts!"
"Wear flip flops!"
"Walk barefoot outside!"

The poor girl. We have weeks upon weeks of this left. I can't even tell her how many 'dark naps' and 'light naps' there will be. Too many to count. She's bumming me out.


Mam said...

Poor Baby, winter is just toooooo long in this part of the country. For Everyone!

Mama Wonder said...

If we all move together to a warmer place, we won't have to make new friends...promise you'll think about.