Monday, October 01, 2007

You know those hollow metal ducts that come out of your furnace to heat the rest of the house? They make a lot of noise when someone takes them apart

The furnace guy is here now. He got here just a little after 7. Right now he is sawing through the wall to put in a vent to the other side of the basement. Saying it is loud would be an understatement. We were downstairs and Back Seat Boy started crying the second the sawing started. Now we're upstairs watching Cinderella. I love, love this movie.

Earlier after BSB went down for his morning nap Back Seat Girl wanted to go play downstairs. HHmmm, I wonder why? Every time I needed to come upstairs for something--answer the phone, refill my coffee cup, get BSB after he woke up--I heard her start making small talk with the furnace guy.

I feel the need to interject here that "furnace guys" have a become a fixture in our lives. We have had the guy who inspected the furnace and deemed it "unsafe", three guys come out to do estimates, and now the installer. That's five differenet "furnace guys". BSG has chatted every one of them up. This morning I had a mild panic attack when I heard her tell Driver, with a mouth full of oatmeal, "I have to hurry up and eat breakfast so I can go downstairs because I think the furnace guy might need help". Um, no. Let's just let the young man do what he came here for so he's done sawing by afternoon nap time.

I also can't stop thinking about all of the money that this is costing us. I would seriously prefer a new wardrobe or a trip or even a kitchen remodel, which I guess would cost more, but then a partial kitchen remodel. Or? Or a new house with a new kitchen in it.


Kate said...

Maybe BSG would like to come over so she can chat up any one of the 10 plus of my "remodlers" - That's right, the insurance guy, the general contractor, his two assistants, the tile guy, his apprentice, the drywaller, the floor guy..... and any number of workers with questionable citizenship. Hey, she watches Dora, doesn't she? Here's her chance to speak en espanol.

Kate said...

Oh, I forgot about the plumber, who looks just like Penn from Penn and Teller. And his apprentice. And the three other shady handyman who came over to give us estimates.

Mam said...

Every project needs a foreman errr... i mean foreperson. BSG is perfect for the position.