Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sitting at the Bar

When traveling, more often than not, I am on a solo mission. Most of the time I’ll sit at the bar for dinner and read the paper, a book, or some work stuff. I end up hearing some pretty interesting conversations but they always sound lame when I try to retell the story. My luck changed at the TGI Friday’s in Flemington New Jersey.

I sat down the bar from two guys in their early twenties who were talking about their cheating girlfriend the other fiancé and the latest youtube video. This video totally captures these guys and their conversation. Not that I’m above this type of video. Had you tube existed when I was in college, this blog would have been far more interesting.

How great is it that a few key search terms can permanently document an overheard bar conversation?


Here is a great little book that I read during the flight. Space Prisoners


Kate said...

That was exactly like my 23rd birthday party.

Papa Wonder said...

Can you imagine Driver's 21st birthday video on youtube? That might have been one of the all time most watched had we had youtube when we were in college. Maybe I will have to digitize my copy so I can share it with the world.

Mam said...

Wonder if our third one has anything youtube worthy? Pap and I are so proud!!