Friday, June 22, 2007

Murphy's Law

I have needed to go to the bank for a couple of days now. This morning at around 10:20 I realized I had a window of opportunity to go. The window being it was early enough that we would be back in time to make lunch and not run the risk of Back Seat Girl falling asleep in the car and ruining her nap, and Back Seat Boy had just eaten and napped, so he was good to go, too.

By 10:30 we were in the car on our way. Mind you, I hadn't showered or done anything to myself other than wash my face and brush my teeth. Back Seat Girl had on some old hand me down clothes, and I wasn't wearing my finest attire, either. I didn't think too much of it because either we would just go through the drive thru or we would run in and out. This is the federal credit union across the street from the VA, so it's never busy in the middle of the day.

We got there and I made the executive decision to go in because I've had to wait in the drive thru for a while before and that really ticks me off. As predicted, we're in and out of there pretty fast, but not before Back Seat Girl has scored some crayons, a coloring book and a sucker. On our way out I notice a flyer that says today is "Member Appreciation Day", so there is free hotdogs, cookies, chips, and soda starting at 10:30. I think to myself "hey, I can kill two birds here with one stone", so we throw BSG's loot in the car and head over to the tent.

As we are sitting under a tree eating our lunch, I look up to see my boss and two of my coworkers heading across the parking lot towards the tent. I look at my ratty shorts and old flip flops. I look at BSG who has decided to forgo the hotdog in favor of the cookie and chips and now has chocolate on her nose. BSB is sitting in his carseat drooling on himself wondering why he isn't eating a hotdog. When I look back up, I realize they all see me, so after they get their food they come over and sit with us in our disgusting, 'didn't think we were leaving the house today' state.

So, now it looks like on my days off I don't shower, wear the rattiest old clothes that I can find, dress my children in old faded cast-offs, and let my daughter eat chips and cookies for lunch.

I'm surprised I didn't back into anything while they all watched me load the kids into the wagon and leave.


Gramma said...

That is just par for the course. If you had gotten dressed up a little more you would have never seen anyone you know. I used to be paranoid about some of the neighbors or someone stopping in when we were first married, and cleaned all weekend. Nobody ever came. Now that I don't care anymore and the house doesn't always look its best, people stop all the time.

Mama Wonder said...

Showering is way over rated! Besides "they" say it is best not to wash your hair everyday.