Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Warning

I feel it is my duty to deliver this public service to all of you. I was just looking myself up on (it's better not to ask why), and it has my age as 31. 31!! Now, listen, I don't think 31 is old, it's just that I am not 31. I'm not even 30. Apparently, the internet is full of WILDLY inaccurate information. That's right--bold, italicized, all caps wildly. What's next? Everything on Wikepedia is made up?

I just thought you should all know that the internet is full of lies and you shouldn't believe ANYTHING you read. Unless, of course, it's on this website. Everything here is completely true.


Mama Wonder said...

Say it isn't so!!!

I hope I look as good as you when I am 31.

Shotgun said...

Why are you using future tense, Mama Wonder?

Mama Wonder said...

So I just looked myself up and on one screen it as me as 43! What the heck?! I'm sure it is a great age, but it is a ways off...right?